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WebWorks of Taos began in response to a need: To provide a way for the small business owner and local groups and individuals to have a nice web presence at an affordable price .

Taos is a unique community with a tremendous wealth of talent. For decades, Taos has been famous as an arts community and home to numerous artists, writers and other colorful personalities.

The quaint artist colony of Taos has grown over the years, but is still the home of many artisans and small businesses. Aspiring artists, writers and musicians are drawn to Taos. As a tourist town, Taos is a popular destination for visitors who seek the treasures that are so abundant in this community. Some come to enjoy the incredible scenic beauty of the area and the unlimited opportunities for challenging, exciting outdoor adventures. Others visit Taos simply to relax and absorb the healing qualities that are found throughout this area, particularly the mystical Taos Mountain.

While Taos is the home of many famous "big-name" artists and celebrities, the majority of the local businesses depend upon tourism for their livelihoods. Regardless of economic status, local residents are quite savvy when it comes to modern conveniences like the internet. We all realize the importance of using the internet to reach out to the world.

As a resident of Taos of the past several years, I have come to love this community and the area. I want to provide a service to the area that will meet this need and showcase the unique talents and resources of Taos. Web sites do not have to cost a lot of money. They can be as simple or as elaborate as you wish them to be. The goal of WebWorks of Taos is to provide an affordable alternative for anyone who wants to have a Web presence.

Like most local residents, I have experienced the joys and also the trials of making Taos my home. I know quite well what it is like to be working two or three or more jobs in order just to make ends meet. But I've known more good times than bad, and there's nowhere else in the world that I want to be. To me, Taos is not simply a destination. It is my way of life - a place that I call home for me and my horses, my black lab Max (pictured at right, my Delta Society Pet Partner), my muttweiler Jackson, and the cats, EmmyLou, Solomon and Hazel. Most of my animal family members are rescues that I have adopted or taken in since moving here. I am an aspiring writer, in awe of the great artists and musicians here, and I enjoy playing the Native American flute. I am continually inspired by the natural beauty of this area and feel very blessed to be living here.

Please feel free to e-mail or call me if you have any questions about how WebWorks of Taos can help you to build your own unique presence on the internet. I look forward to working with you!

Following are a few of the websites that I have done:

KC Benson Watercolors - website for local watercolor artist, KC Benson. Take a look at this and enjoy the incredible paintings in KC's Gallery and on the Archive pages. One of KC's watercolors of Taos Mountain is the background for my business logo and cards. This exquisite painting portrays the beauty that is so typical of this land. Thanks, KC!

Equine Spirit Sanctuary (ESS) - ESS is a Taos-based horse rescue and sanctuary. It is my personal, ongoing project, a life-long dream to establish a place of refuge for horses and people. It is a continual challenge, taking care of as many horses as we can while working towards a permanent facility where we can take in rescues and unwanted horses, and also offer programs in therapeutic riding and education about horses.

SCHA Taos - Taos area saddle club's web site.

Please feel free to E-mail or call me if you have any questions about how WebWorks of Taos can help you to build your own unique presence on the internet. I look forward to working with you!

Ruth Bourgeois

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Watercolor logo painting is "Pueblo Flight" by KC Benson. KC Benson Watercolors.