Following is a checklist of what is needed by WebWorks to design your website.
Please be prepared to provide the following detailed information:


  • Explain exactly what image you wish for your website to give visitors – i.e., is it a business site? An informational site? Hobby related, family news site? Or any other - please explain. This follows along with your entire marketing plan. Use your website for business purposes – “branding” – identifying who you are, what you do.


  • What you wish to accomplish with your site – i.e., promote your business, sell products, be a resource/informational site. List everything that you want your website to do for you.


  • What is the mission of your business? Goals? Plans? Expectations?


  • What colors relate to your image? Any particular styles – modern, old time, fashionable, trendy, artsy, Western, Southwestern, English, “high tech”, etc.


  • Domain name (if you already have one) or requested domain name
  • Logo
  • Who you are – what you do
  • Name of your business
  • Photographs (these can be high quality jpg images or print photos that will be scanned)
  • Address and/or location
  • Phone numbers
  • Contact information
  • Email addresses
  • Information about services, products offered

All these things can be formatted onto one main index (home) page of your new site. Most people prefer, however, to have a home page with basic information, a separate page for products or services, an “About Us” page, and a contact page. The site can be set up to be as simple or with as many pages as you wish.

Other marketing tools

"Branding" is a very important aspect of marketing. Take the time to figure out exactly who you are - define what you are selling or what service you provide - and who you want to target as your customers. Your marketing efforts can then be focused on making an image to fit who you are. Business cards, brochures, letterhead and other printed materials should have a similar design and appearance to your web site. WebWorks of Taos can also advise and assist you with ordering business cards and print materials.

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